Kiloview 2Tb Ssd Storage

Kiloview 2TB SSD Storage
Manufacturer: Kiloview
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Manufacturer: Kiloview

Kiloview 2Tb Ssd Storage

Kiloview Storage is a high-capacity industrial-grade Solid State Drive encased in a protective shell to ensure stability, reliability and durability in a consistent working environment. Each Kiloview SSD has run its stress testing along with CUBE R1 to keep it stable and outstanding. The Kiloview testing team is the most critical component for delivering this reliable service in high-pressure professional scenarios.

Why “Industrial Level” flash memory?
From small live studios to large events deployment, the safety and intact of work files matter the most. Among all these complicated working environments, working conditions may vary. It is critical for devices to overcome extreme operating temperatures, huge amounts of TBW and environmental interferences to maintain the accuracy of data. Industrial Level flash memory is essential to maintain continuous, stable operating performance compared to consumer-grade SSD.

Kiloview Storage Kit Key Advantages

Faster Write Speed:
Kiloview Storage Kit offers faster write speed than consumer-grade SSD once the cache is full.

More Stable Writes:
During our test, there was nearly no write speed slowing compared to customer-grade SSD.

Higher TBW:
Compared to customer-grade SSD, higher TBW enables Kiloview SSD to work longer for your workflow.

Wider Range of Operating Temperature:
Wider temperature ranges enable Kiloview Storage Kit to operate more reliably even in extremely cold or hot operating scenarios.

Protective Shell
Kiloview Storage Kit is protected in a solid metal shell, designed to endure rough operating environments and accidental drops.





Input: Goldfinger/USB3.0 type-C; Output: USB3.0 type-C

Read/Write Speeds    


Dimensions and Weight    

L117.1 x W31.02 x H10 mm; 54.3g(Each pcs may vary)

Operating Temperature    


Storage Temperature    


Manufacturer: Kiloview
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