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How to Avoid “Camera Power Supply Open” Error.

Recently one of our customers contacted us looking for a SMPTE Hybrid elimination system like the Telecast /Grass Valley HDX – SHED system.  They had Sony cameras and the CCU showed a “Camera Power Supply Open” error all the time, even though everything was working.  They found this annoying not only because the error light was on, but also their clients, seeing the error, questioned their setups reliability.

The solution that we found not only eliminated the error, it also saved them a little money.  The Multidyne HUT system is an active SMPTE elimination system that allows you to power your camera locally and use standard single mode fiber to connect the Camera and the CCU.  The CCU side tricks the CCU into seeing physical copper connection.  It works with the Multidyne Camera side HUT and is also works with the Telecast/Grass Valley HDX.

Our customer connected the Multidyne HUT – CCU side to the Sony CCU and the Camera Power Supply Open” error was gone.  Since they already had a new Grass Valley HDX, they did not replace the HDX, and it works with the Multidyne unit without a hitch. Besides Sony cameras, the system also works with Ikegami, Grass Valley, Panasonic and Hitachi cameras.

Contact us now and let us help you eliminate the Camera Power Supply Open” error.

HUT Multidyne