Shape Revolt Bridge plate 15 mm LW kit - RSB15

Robust camera bridgeplate_x000D_ ARRI Amira dovetail compatible_x000D_ Sliding riser and locking lever_x000D_ Safety pins_x000D_ Bottom Threaded Holes ¼-20 & 3/8-16
Manufacturer: SHAPE
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Manufacturer: SHAPE

Shape Revolt Bridge plate 15 mm LW kit - RSB15

The Bridge plate allows you to quickly mount or dismount your camera on your tripod instead of your shoulder. It is lightweight (0.36 kg) and made of solid CNC machined aluminum. Its unique design also procures a robust support to your camera rig. The locking lever on the side of the Bridgeplate is easy to access and allows you to adjust the position of your camera rig fixed on your tripod. This way, you can achieve quick positioning of your camera accessories for an optimal adjustment of your camera’s center of gravity and weight distribution. The quick release safety pins prevent the upper plate from sliding and the threaded holes allow to quickly attach your tripod to the plate. The bridge plate sliding feature let you insert & slide the SHAPE REVOLT dovetail riser (RSDR). The dovetail plate  is designed with the 'standard compatibility for the Arri Amira', allowing you to quickly and easily mount your camera directly onto the riser.


  • Robust camera bridgeplate
  • ARRI Amira dovetail compatible
  • Sliding riser and locking lever
  • Safety pins
  • Bottom Threaded Holes ¼-20 & 3/8-16

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Manufacturer: SHAPE
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