Kiloview E3 Dual-Channel 4K Hdmi & 3G-Sdi Hevc Video Encoder

Kiloview E3 Dual-Channel 4K HDMI & 3G-SDI HEVC Video Encoder
Manufacturer: Kiloview
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Manufacturer: Kiloview

Kiloview E3 Dual-Channel 4K Hdmi & 3G-Sdi Hevc Video Encoder

Dual-Channel 4K HDMI & 3G-SDI HEVC Video Encoder
Flexible, Powerful, Professional: A New Generation Of Video Encoder

Kiloview E3 is a new generation of video encoder which builds on the capabilities of our original encoder models with new features of video input and loop through with HDMI up to 4K P30 and 3G-SDI up to 1080 P60, encoding both HDMI and 3G-SDI video by H.265 and H.264 simultaneously1 or either of the sources or a mix video from the both video sources with multi-protocols including NDI|HX2/ NDI|HX3/ SRT/ RTMP/ RTSP/ UDP/ HLS for either live production, post production, remote transmission, live streaming or recording in different industries. With the up-to-date chipset and HEVC technology, it supports streaming to 16 destinations2 with adjustable bitrate up to 100Mbps simultaneously. 

1. Resolution for simultaneous encoding is up to 1080p60 for both 3G-SDI and HDMI. If resolution of HDMI is  4Kp30, then the video will be either down-scaled to 1080P60 for simultaneous encoding, or selected either 3G-SDI or HDMI or a mix video with PIP or PBP layout.
2.16 destinations mean 8 with main-stream + 8 with sub-stream.

Encoding Both Video Inputs of HDMI & 3G-SDI
E3 allows encoding video sources from either port of 3G-SDI or HDMI, mixing both video sources into one output in PIP or PBP mode or even encoding video sources into up to 1080p60 from both ports of HDMI and 3G-SDI simultaneously for high-quality live streaming.

  • Up to 3840x2160 @ 30Hz
  • Up to 1920x1080 @ 60Hz

Flexible Formats Selection
For all IP-based video transmission processes, E3 supports the high efficiency video codec HEVC as well as H.264.

With support of HEVC, E3 can maintain video image quality with lower bitrate, saving more than 50% of your bandwidth.

Compatible with All Protocols
For broad applications, E3 supports a complete range of streaming protocols including NDI|HX3/NDI|HX2/SRT/RTMP/RTMPS/HLS/TS over UDP/RTP/RTSP/Onvif. It can be used for live production with NDI|HX, remote production with SRT, live streaming with RTMP or HLS, or any transmission with all different protocols.  

Powerful Streaming Capabilities
The E3 input can be up to 4Kp30 from its HDMI port and up to 1080p60 from its 3G-SDI port. With its powerful output capabilities, E3 can go live to up to 16 different platforms simultaneously by outputting in both mainstream (up to 8 channels in 1080p) and substream (up to 8 channels in 720p) with adjustable bitrate, max bitrate can be up to 100Mbps.

Pro-Level Video Processing
Other than powerful encoding performance, E3 can process rotate/crop and add custom overlays including images, texts or other OSD to the output video for advanced applications, it’s suitable for your webcast.

Powerful Audio Performance, Multi-Channel Audio Encoding Supported
E3 allows for encoding audio source through its 3.5mm Line input and SDI/HDMI embedded audio input. You can convert audio into multiple formats, including AAC, MPEG-4, MPEG-3 , MPEG-2, Opus or G.711.

E3 supports 8-channel embedded audio encoding of SDI inputs and 4-channel embedded audio encoding of HDMI inputs. Along with more functions including audio de-embedding, channel selection, alternate channel and audio output mapping, E3 is ideal for high efficient program production.

Built-in LCD Screen and Touch Button
E3 is equipped with a 1.14-inch LCD screen with touch buttons for a better user experience. With the built-in LCD screen, you can easily check the connectivity, IP address, CPU, memory, resolution, temperature, and tally status in real-time. The LCD Screen is also a big-sized Tally to display the preview/program status.

Reliable Recording and Streaming
All inputs of E3 can be recorded in .MOV/.MP4 through 3 USB ports or NAS storage. It supports streaming and recording simultaneously for post-production and further application.

More Features
  • Intercom
  • Latency<100ms
  • Centralized Management
  • PTZ Control
  • PoE
  • NTP Supported
  • OSD
  • Easy Mounting


Video Input  

  • 1*3G-SDI(SMPTE 424M), compatible with HD-SDI(SMPTE 292M) and SD-SDI(SMPTE 259M)
Video Output    
  • Loop-out: 1*3G-SDI(SMPTE 424M), compatible with HD-SDI(SMPTE 292M) and SD-SDI(SMPTE 259M)
  • Loop-out: 1*HDMI 1.4b
Audio Input    
  • 8-channel of SDI embedded audio
  • 4-channel of HDMI embedded audio
  • 1*3.5mm Line In
Video Formats    
Supported in HDMI input&loop-out:
  • 3840×2160p 30fps
  • 1920×1080p 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60fps
  • 1920×1080i 50/59.94/60fps
  • 1280×720p 29.97/30/50/59.94/60fps
  • 720×576i 50fps (PAL SD)
  • 720×480i 59.94fps (NTSC SD)
Supported in SDI input&loop-out:
  • 1920×1080p 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60fps
  • 1920×1080i 50/59.94/60fps
  • 1280×720p 25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60fps
  • 720×576i 50fps (PAL SD)
  • 720×480i 59.94fps (NTSC SD)
Encoding Formats    
  • H.264(AVC): Baseline/Main/High profile, Level 5.1
  • H.265(HEVC): Main profile, Level 5.0
Streaming Protocols    
  • NDI|HX2/NDI|HX3/SRT/RTMP/RTMPS/HLS/TS over UDP/RTP/RTSP Onvif(Extensible for SIP/GB-T2818)
  • Yes
PTZ Control    
  • Yes
Network Connections    
  • 1*10/100M/1000M RJ45 Ethernet Port
  • PoE supported(802.3af class 3)
USB Interfaces    
  • 2*USB 2.0 Type-C
  • 1*USB 2.0 Type-A
  • 1.14” LCD display and touch buttons
  • Yes
  • WebRTC/KiloLink Server
Power Consumption  
  •  ≤5W
Power Supply    
  • DC 12V/1A
  • 140mm x 100 x 28mm
  • TBC
Operating Temperature  
  •  -20℃~45℃
Storage Temperature    
  • -40℃~50℃

Manufacturer: Kiloview
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