Shape SHAPE FULL PLAY intelligent 4-channel gold-mount lithium-ion battery charger - G4CHA

Gold-Mount Lithium-Ion Battery Charger_x000D_ Charge 4 Batteries Simultaneously_x000D_ 2.5A Charging Current per Bay32_x000D_ 4-Pin XLR Output_x000D_ LED Charging Indicators_x000D_ Compact Vertical Design
Manufacturer: SHAPE
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Manufacturer: SHAPE

Shape SHAPE FULL PLAY intelligent 4-channel gold-mount lithium-ion battery charger - G4CHA

The SHAPE FULL PLAY Intelligent 4-Bay Gold Mount Battery Charger can charge up to four Gold mount batteries simultaneously. Each bay provides a 2.5A charge, able to replenish a 95Wh battery in approximately three hours. LEDs indicate charging status for each bay. Connect the 4-pin XLR to your camera or light with the included 4-pin XLR cable and use the charger as a DC power supply, up to 60 watts. The compact vertical design is easy to transport using the top handle and the internal power supply can handle worldwide AC voltages.

Simultaneous Quad Gold-Mount Lithium-Ion Battery Charger

2.5A per Channel

60W, 15 V, 4.0A 4-Pin XLR DC Power Output

Battery Release Lever

Lightweight Portable Design

Integrated Carry Handle

Light Indicators for Battery Charge Status

Charge/DC Out/Off Mode Switch

100-240V, 50-60Hz, 3.8A AC Power Input

4-Pin XLR Male-Female Cable Included for Powering Accessories


Plug the power cable into the charger.

Slide the battery that requires charging onto the charger, ensuring the Gold-Mount studs are aligned in the corresponding slots. The battery is fully engaged when the latch makes an audible “click” sound.

Turn on the charging switch on the charger and the indicator light will turn red. The charger will begin charging the battery automatically.

When the indicator light turns orange, the charging is almost finished.

When the indicator light turns green, the charging is completely finished.

Remove the battery by depressing the latch and sliding the battery off the charger. Turn off the charger.


Plug the 4-pin XLR cable into the charger.

Turn on the adapter switch. When the indicator light turns red, the charger will begin charging the device automatically.


  • Gold-Mount Lithium-Ion Battery Charger
  • Charge 4 Batteries Simultaneously
  • 2.5A Charging Current per Bay32
  • 4-Pin XLR Output
  • LED Charging Indicators
  • Compact Vertical Design

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Manufacturer: SHAPE
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