Epiphan Dvi2Pcie Duo

A high performance capture card designed for AV professionals who require an express card to fit into an existing desktop solution.
Manufacturer: Epiphan
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Manufacturer: Epiphan

Epiphan Dvi2Pcie Duo

DVI2PCIe Duo is a high performance capture card designed for AV professionals who require an express card to fit into an existing desktop solution. DVI2PCIe Duo captures high quality video and images from any device with a SDI and DVI/VGA/HDMI™ signal. It captures uncompressed video and audio from 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and SD-SDI signals at full HD resolution and supports resolutions up to 2048×2048 when connected to a dual link DVI video source.

  • Capture from dual-link and single-link DVI signals, VGA/HDMI™, 3G-SDI, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI audio/video sources
  • PCIe x4 form factor. Compatible with PCI Express x4, x8, and x16 slots
  • Full HD 1080p capture at 60 fps and up to 85 fps for other resolutions


Interface PCI Express 2.0; ×4

Video Inputs

Connectors (1) SDI (1) DVI-I (dual link) / HDMI™1 / VGA1 / Component2, An optional DVI2PCIe A/V Kit provides an additional: – two TRS ¼” connectors – one S-Video connector – one 3.5mm audio line-in connector

Resolutions VESA modes: 320×240 to 2048×2048 (or 2560×1600); Custom HDMI/VGA/DVI modes (HDMI up to 1920×1200)

VGA Signaling 3G-SDI; HD-SDI; SD-SDI; DVI dual link; HDMI; R, G, B plus separate HSync and VSync signals; R, G, B plus CSYNC signal; R, G, B with Sync-on-Green synchronization

Color Resolution RGB16 (5:6:5), RGB24 (8:8:8), RGB8 (2:3:3), grayscale-256, YUY2, UYVY, YV12

EDID SupportEDIDs can be uploaded to the device

Audio Input

Connectors/SDI audio and HDMI audio

Update Rate

Resolution/Frame Rate
640×480/85 fps
720×480/85 fps
800×600/85 fps
1024×768/85 fps
1280×720/85 fps
1280×1024/85 fps
1920×1080/60 fps
1920×1200/60 fps
2048×1536/(DVI) 35 fps
2048×1536/(VGA) 30 fps
2560×1600/30 fps
2048×2048/20 fps

OS Support (32 and 64-bit)
Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Mac OS X 10.4 and up (including PowerPC) Linux

Hardware Features
128 MB buffer RAM

Low profile short card: 5.5” × 2.53” (140 mm × 64 mm)

Thermal Considerations
DVI2PCIe Duo can operate at an internal temperature of up to 80 C (temperature found via the API)

Airflow Considerations
The minimum required airflow for DVI2PCIe Duo (in typical PC environments) is 140 LFM ( 0.7 m/s )

What's In The Box:

One DVI2PCIe Duo
One low-profile bracket
One full-height bracket
One DVI cable
One VGA-DVI cable
One HDMI to DVI adapter
One SDI cable

Manufacturer: Epiphan
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