DekTec DTA-2172-SXP Dual 3G-SDI/ASI ports for PCIe with StreamXpress, StreamXpert

Two general-purpose 3G-SDI bi-directional ports, both ASI capable, with genlock. This card enables you to create broadcast-grade applications for encoding, playout, insertion/extraction, etc. with an easy-to-use programming interface.
Manufacturer: DekTec
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Manufacturer: DekTec

DekTec DTA-2172-SXP Dual 3G-SDI/ASI ports for PCIe with StreamXpress, StreamXpert

This bundle includes StreamXpress and StreamXpert


  • Two general-purpose ASI/SDI ports, each configurable from your application as input or output, and as ASI or SDI (SD/HD/3G-lvl-A/B).
  • Synchronization of SDI outputs via analogue genlock input, accepting bi- and tri-level sync.
  • DekTec Matrix API® 2.0 for easy programmatic access to video, audio and ANC data. All SDI symbols in a frame can be read or written.


  • Input/output of uncompressed or compressed streams for your software-defined solution:
    • Video encoding or decoding;
    • Video playout or recording;
    • Key- and fill generators;
    • Audio insertion or extraction;
    • Low-latency subtitle insertion.
  • Stream station for generation, monitoring and analysis of ASI/SDI streams up to 3G-SDI.


Key Characteristics
Ports 2x 3G-SDI/ASI in/out 1x genlock in
Features 10-bit full frame support Audio/video/anc extraction Audio/video/anc insertion DekTec Matrix API® 2.0 Scaling: 1/4, 1/16
PC Support
OS Windows 7, 8, 10Windows Server 12, 16, 19Linux ≥2.6.18, 3.x, 4.x, 5.x
Processor Core i7

Or equivalent AMD CPUs

StreamXpress Playout TS- and SDI files
SpRcApi StreamXpress remote-control API for automated playout
StreamXpert Our industry-standard transport-stream analyzer
SdEye SDI analyzer for detailed inspection of audio, video and ancillary data
VF-REC SDI/TS recorder with looping, scheduling and more
DekTec SDKs Create your own application
Manufacturer: DekTec
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