Shape DSLR Kirk Neff baseplate 2.0 - DSLRKNBPLT2.0

Supports 15 mm Rods_x000D_ V-Lock Quick Release System_x000D_ Stoppers Prevent Camera from Twisting_x000D_ 1/4"-20 Camera Screw_x000D_ Baseplate Respects DSLR Optical Center_x000D_ 8" Aluminum 15 mm Rods Included
Manufacturer: SHAPE
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Manufacturer: SHAPE

Shape DSLR Kirk Neff baseplate 2.0 - DSLRKNBPLT2.0

The DSLR Kirk Neff Baseplate 2.0 from SHAPE is a 15 mm rod baseplate designed for DSLR cameras that utilizes a standard V-lock quick-release system. The quick-release plate provides a 1/4"-20 threaded camera screw and has rubber stoppers at the back to prevent your camera from twisting during operation. The rubber stoppers can be adjusted and removed using the included hex key. For alignment and balance adjustments, the V-lock delta adapter on the bottom of the quick-release plate can be also adjusted forward/backward, and the camera screw can be placed in a front or rear position - using appropriate hex keys. The baseplate itself features two 15 mm rod ports with thumbscrews. It's design places the optical center of camera between the two rods and places the lens at a height suitable for use with a matte box. A pair of 8" aluminum rods come included.

Delta adapter (DELTA)

Quick release adaptor plate built with superior quality material; The V SHAPE is compatible with the Quick Release Marbel. Compatible with the Quick release plate Sony VCT-U14 and similar plates. You can attach the Quick Marbel Delta adaptor underneath your camera and attached it to your SHAPE camera rig.

15 mm 8" rods (15TUBE8)

Pair of 15 mm rods 8″ long that fit studio and LWS 15 mm rod clamps, allowing you to use available rod mounted accessories. The rods are machined from hollow aluminum tubes and feature chamfered ends that make it easier to insert into 15 mm rod clamps, even if the rod isn’t perfectly aligned or is at a slight angle to the rod clamp.


  • Supports 15 mm Rods
  • V-Lock Quick Release System
  • Stoppers Prevent Camera from Twisting
  • 1/4"-20 Camera Screw
  • Baseplate Respects DSLR Optical Center
  • 8" Aluminum 15 mm Rods Included

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Manufacturer: SHAPE
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