Drake DSE24A HD Video Encoder w/QAM output

Drake's DSE24A encodes a single uncompressed program derived from devices w/ HDMI, Component Video or VGA outputs to HD MPEG2 video. Internal QAM modulator & low noise upconverter allows legacy fiber/coax networks to be used for digital signage content

Manufacturer: Drake
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Manufacturer: Drake

Drake DSE24A HD Video Encoder with QAM output

During the past five years, millions of digital flat panel television displays have been placed where we work, shop, vacation, educate ourselves and even where we sleep. Most display devices deployed in these locations receive content via a traditional coaxial CATV type distribution network. The intent of facility owners such as in the hospitality industry is to create a home environment for their customer. Savvy entrepreneurs have come to realize there is an opportunity to offset the costs of digital flat panel displays by allowing advertisers access to these units for targeted messaging directly to consumers while they engage in activities away from home. Drake introduces a high quality and affordable solution that uses the legacy coaxial cable network to connect digital signage content providers with millions of existing flat panel displays where consumers are most likely to view them.

Drake's DSE24 will encode a single uncompressed program derived from devices with HDMI, Component Video or VGA outputs to HD MPEG2 video. An internal QAM modulator and low noise upconverter allows existing legacy fiber/coax networks to be used as distribution channels for digital signage content. This provides instant access to an extensive network of digital displays capable of viewing valuable advertiser based or informational video in a vibrant "High Definition" format.

The DSE24A comes in a convenient desk top package.


·                       Digital Signage

·                       Commercial Business-to-Business

·                       Health Care

·                       Government/Military

·                       Cable TV/Networks


·                       Supports 480i, 480p, 720p and 1080i resolutions

·                       MPEG1, Layer 2 audio (MP2)

·                       A frequency agile output to 1000MHz and +45dBmV output level insure simple trouble free integration onto existing networks

·                       Designed, manufactured and supported by R.L. Drake, a renowned leader in communications since 1943

DSE24A High Definition Digital Signage Encoder Technical Specifications

Video Inputs:

VGA (with pass-through to monitor)
HDMI (unencrypted)
Component (Y-Cr-Cb)
Composite via Y input for 480i

Input Resolution:

480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i video

Audio Inputs:

L-R baseband audio, dual RCA
S/PDIF optical audio, 32kHz - 192kHz sample rate PCM
HDMI embedded audio, 32kHz - 192kHz sample rate PCM

QAM Output:

64QAM or 256QAM, ITU Annex B
5 - 1000MHz frequency coverage
STD, HRC, IRC, and Broadcast channel
+45dBmV output power
15dB output level adjustment range
Phase noise = -95dBc @ 10kHz offset
Broadband noise = -75dBc @ > ±12MHz
MER = > 40dB equalized
Channel frequency response = < 1dB
Carrier suppression > 40dB
I/Q inbalance < 1 degree
Output level accuracy = ±1dB


Table-top chassis, with optional 2-unit mounting in 1RU 19 inch rack


Front-panel buttons and LCD for local control
On-board Ethernet connection for remote control


+5V @ 1.7A via supplied external power supply

Manufacturer: Drake
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