VUMATRIX 4K60-POE-RX remote control



EXTRA Transmitter and Receiver Kit!

Tramsmitter, Receiver, AND IP Controller
  • CREATE Your HDMI Over IP video distribution simply adding as many vumatrix transmitters and receivers you need on your 1-gigabit ethernet
  • CONTROL your Vumatrix channels Switch using our FREE PHONE TABLET CONTROL APP or use your ir remote or home automation
  • DISTRIBUTE any HD 4K HDMI Video sources and remote-control it from any room with the built-in vumatrix ir infrared over ip extender (included)
  • NO SPECIAL SWITCH needed - Vumatrix works over your existing 1-gigabit ethernet lan network with perfect HD and 4K quality
  • PLUG 'N PLAY ZERO CONFIGURATION - Simple to install anywhere in minutes - expand at any time by adding more units to your network
Manufacturer: PVI
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Manufacturer: PVI

VUMATRIX HD 4K POE HDMI OVER IP Matrix extender AND IP Controller distribute your HD and 4K hdmi video over the existing ip network with real time perfect quality - VUMATRIX-HD-4K-POE-XTR-KIT

  • POE Power Over Ethernet - use power provided by your POE switch if available otherwise can use the regular AC power adapters ( included )
  • Control your entire VuMATRIX HDMI over IP network of transmitters and receivers via IPhones - Ipads - Galaxy - Android
  • Plug 'n Play over the existing ip network and uses the existing WiFi or create a dedicated separated control WiFi via the built-in WiFi AP
  • Full Automatic Configuration with network auto-discovery of all the installed VuMATRIX Transmitters & Receivers
  • Zero Configuration - connect it and use it out of the box 
  • ANY Switch Router - no need for special or dedicated ones
  • Cascade Multiple Switches - works also when multiple switches are interconnected
  • Together with other IP Traffic - works on your existing IP cables 
  • Simple To Use - switch channel via IR Remote or front buttons
  • Iphone Ipad Android App Control - add our Smart Controller & download our Free App
  • App Save-recall Scenes - prepare and save your favorite presets and recall in one click
  • Integrates with Automations - Via IR or Telnet API using the standard drivers
  • Up To Full 4K UHD - 60 Frames Per Second, 4:4:4, Dolby Vision, HDR
  • HDMI 2.0 / HDCP 2.2 - connects to any source and any TV / Screen / Projector
  • Highly Reliable - can replace any unit by setting the same ID number
  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY - Made In Usa

VUMATRIX distribute your HDMI Video Sources over your POE Ethernet network with perfect Full HD / 4K60 Quality and Matrix Switch Control

PVI VUMATRIX HD-4K-POE-KIT distribute your HD and 4K video over your existing 1 gigabit ip ethernet lan network switch router with simple plug 'n play installation anywhere, also using the POE power over ethernet where available so there is no need to use the included AC power adapter.

Simply add one Vumatrix transmitter per each of your Video Sources you want to distribute, and one Vumatrix Receiver behind each TV connected to the TV HDMI port.

You can always expand the system as you need at any time by simply adding more Vumatrix HDMI Over IP Transmitters and Receivers.
Use our FREE APP on your Tablets and Smart Phones to switch any TV to the wanted hdmi source in one click.
With our app you can create PRESETS to click and switch multiple TVs to the wanted source, ideal for commercial, bar, schools, churces, home events, etc, with the ability to define sources, destinations and presets names.

Matrix Switch Control can also be done from ir infrared remote controls and any home automation.

With Vumatrix you can install all your HDMI video sources in one closet, then decide room by room, tv by tv, which source you want to watch Each Vumatrix unit includes the IR Infrared over ip bridge so you can remote-control the watched source from any room and any tv with the regular remote. There is no need for any special switch nor configuration, simply set the ID number per each transmitter on the transmitter display, then start using your video network. 

The VUMATRIX is the ideal, simple to install, professional, cost effective Newest solution for any HDMI OVER IP Matrix and Video Distribution, were perfect quality and simple reliable operation for everyone are wanted.

The VUMATRIX HD-4K-POE technology delivers you the all the benefits of the HDMI Over IP Video distribution, flexible to configure any size of matrix, expandable by adding modules anywhere at any time, without bothering you with special manual configurations, dedicated switches or cables, and the ability to replace any module by simply setting the same number on the display, with 5 year of warranty.  PVI Made In USA.

What's in the Box

Turn Key - One Transmitter + One Receiver. 


Buy more kits for more transmitters & receivers, or the expansion receivers as you project needs.

Manufacturer: PVI
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Manufacturer PVI
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