Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro ISO

Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro ISO

Blackmagic Design ATEM Camera Converter

Blackmagic Design ATEM Camera Converter

Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro


Manufacturer: Blackmagic Design
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Manufacturer: Blackmagic Design

Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Pro

Introducing lowcost, multi camera,live productionwith advanced broadcastfeatures.

ATEM Mini switchers make it easy to create professionalmulti cameraproductions for live streaming to YouTubeand innovativebusiness presentations using Skype orZoom! Simply connect ATEMMini and you can switch live between 4high quality video camera inputs for dramatically better quality images. Orconnect acomputer for PowerPoint slidesor gamingconsoles. The built in DVE allows exciting picture inpicture effects, perfect for commentary! There are loads of video effects too! All ATEMMini models have USB that works like awebcam so you can use any streaming software whilethe ATEMMiniPro model adds live streaming and recording to USB disks. ATEMMini even has secret broadcast features built in so it can do high end work!

Faster Video ProductionPlus LiveStreaming

Live production is the fastest way to complete afinished program, plus you can stream it to alive global audiencevia YouTubeat the same time. The USB webcam output of ATEMMini connects to any computer and looks just like a built in webcam, so all streaming software for social media platforms work! With up to 4HDMI inputs you can set up multiple camera angles such as wide shots along with independent close upsof eachperson in the performance. Or you can connect to a computer with a PowerPoint slide show, video clip playback, websites or gaming consoles. All switching is in real time so you can live stream to any social media platform such as YouTube, Facebook, TwitchTV and manymore!

Self ContainedBroadcast QualitySwitcher

ATEMMinis compact all in one design includes both acontrol panel as well as connections. The front panel includes easy to use buttons for selecting sources, video effects and transitions. The source buttons are large so its possible to use it by feel, letting the presenter do the switching! You even get buttonsfor audiomixing! On the ATEMMini Pro model you also get buttons for record and streaming control as well as output selection buttons that let you change the video output between cameras, program and multiview. On the rear panel there are HDMI connections for cameras or computers, extra microphone inputs, USB for webcam out plus an HDMI "aux" output for programvideo.

Easy toUse andFast toLearn!

There's never been aswitcher thats easier to use, asyou simply press any of the input buttons labelled 1to4 on the front panel to cut between video sources. You can choose between cut or effects transitions by selecting the cut or auto buttons.Unlike cut,the auto button tells ATEMMini to use avideo effect when switching inputs. You can select from exciting transitions such as dissolve, or more dramatic effects such as dip to color, DVE squeeze and DVE push. The DVE is perfect for picture in picture effects and you can instantly set up different picture positions. There is even a still store for titles and graphics accessible via external softwarecontrol.

Stream Live Interviews

ATEMMini is perfect for interviews as you can connect multiple cameras for close ups of the host, or interviewee, as well as wide shots plus ATEMMini is so small the host can even switch in small studios. You can record via the HDMI output or live stream using Open Broadcastersoftware!

Business Presentations viaSkype

Get dramatically better business presentations on Skype becauseATEMMini makesSkype see it as awebcam, so you can select it in the Skype settings! One camera can be a close up, another for awide shot and acomputer for PowerPoint presentations. The presenter caneven use pictureinpicture!

Live Stream eSport Competitions

Live stream eSport competitions to Twitch by simply connecting multiple gaming consoles and a camera fora presenter.ATEMMini operates up to 60frames per second for fast gameplay and you can use picture in picture for commentary! You can even download titles fromPhotoshop!

Kickstarter and InvestorUpdates

Raise the professionalism of Kickstarter or investor presentations to fund your new product idea! Connect acamera for the presenter, acamera for aproduct close upand acomputerfor business plan slides. Then present livevia Skypeand post recordings online for investors toview!


ATEMMini is perfect for educational videos! Setup is fast and easy, so you can travel to locations and record live multi camera video productions on a wide range of educational topics! Connect computers and cameras and use the ATEM Software Panel to load titles and perform video effects.

Connect up to 4Independent Cameras

With 4independent HDMI inputs, you can connect up to4high qualityvideo cameras. Video cameras with HDMIoutputs aredramatically better quality than simple webcamsas theyuse higher quality lenses and have better low light sensitivity. Allvideo sources will resync to the switcher if they operateat differentvideo standards so you don't have to worry about connecting video devices as they all just work! Cameras with HDMI often support interchangeable lenses so you can change to wide angle lenses for wide shots and zoom lenses for closeups. Imagine taking advantage of the low light capability of better cameras for theater production, weddings, school concerts and musicvideos!

Outputs toHDMI Videoand USBWebcam!

To ensure maximum compatibility, ATEMMini featuresa USB connectionthat operates as asimple webcam source.That meansyou can plug in and instantly get working withany videosoftware. The software is tricked into thinking the ATEMMini is acommon webcam, but it's really alive production switcher!That guaranteesfull compatibility with any video software and in full resolution 1080HD quality.Choose anysoftware you like, such as Open Broadcaster for live streaming, or Skype forPowerpoint presentations.ATEMMini workswith software andplatforms such as OpenBroadcaster, XSplitBroadcaster, YouTube Live, Facebook Live,Skype, Zoom,Twitch, Periscope, Livestream,Wirecast andmore!

Live Stream viaEthernet on ATEMMiniPro

The ATEM Mini Pro model has abuilt in hardware streaming engine for live streaming via its built in Ethernet connection. That means you can live stream to YouTube, Facebook and Twitch in better quality, without dropped frames and with much simpler settings. Just select the streaming service and enter the streaming key! There are palettes in ATEM Software Control for streaming setup and status, plus streaming status is also displayed in the multiview. Streaming status is easy to understand as the data rate indicator shows internet speed required for the video format you're using. Ifyou're technically minded, you can even hack the detailed streaming profiles in the XML preference file and load newservices.

Record Directto USB FlashDisks withATEM MiniPro

The ATEM Mini Pro model also supports direct recording of your streaming data to USB flash disks! That means you get very long recordings in the same H.264 video files with AAC audio that you streamed, so you can direct upload to any online video site, such as YouTube and Vimeo. ATEM Mini Pro supports multiple disks when used with aUSB hub or Blackmagic MultiDock, so when adisk fills recording can continue to asecond disk for non-stop recording. Record settings and disk selection are set up in ATEM Software Control and there's arecord status view in the built in multiview. Youcan even trigger recording on external Blackmagic Pocket CinemaCameras!

Add Exciting VideoEffects

One of the benefits of ATEMMini is the professional production values that are possible using the range of built in video effects! The cut button ensures an instant cut when switching between sources. Theauto button is aprofessional term that's used on large broadcast switchers to enable video effects transitions. There are duration buttons for video effects allowing 0.5, 1, 1.5 and 2 second settings. You can also select the type of effect you want including mix, which does asmooth transition between sources, and dip which fades via acolor during the transition. Oruse fun DVE effects that move the image off screen when transitioning between sources!

Work with Professional Microphones

With two independent 3.5mm stereo audio inputs, you can connect desktop and lapel microphones. You can even connect amusic player to generate introduction music after the live stream commences but before the program starts. With 2 extra stereo audio inputs, you can ensure a host and guest both have lapel microphones when doing interviews. All audio inputs to ATEMMini include buttons on the panel for adjusting audio level and enabling inputs into the audio mixer. ATEMMini features afull Fairlight audio mixer and all HDMI audio inputs and both microphone inputs are all connected separately to the audio mixer so you can live mix from all audiosources.

Automatically ConvertsAny HDMI Input Format

Each of the 4 HDMI inputs feature their own dedicated standards converter. That means ATEMMini will automatically convert 1080p, 1080i and 720p sources to the video standard of the switcher! By default the switcher will set its video format automatically, however you can also set the switcher to a specific video standard you need! The HDMI output is atrue "aux" output so you can clean switch each HDMI input or program to this output. You can even "direct" switch input1 to the HDMIoutput for low latency eSport productions. Ifyou're using program/preview switching, the HDMI outcan be selectedto preview, or on the ATEMMini Pro model, itcan be selected to display afullmultiview.

Secret BroadcastFeatures BuiltIn!

While ATEMMini is easy to use, it's also hiding very powerful broadcast features! Ifyou're interested in acareer in the television industry, then ATEMMini is perfect for training asit hasthe same features as switchers in high end broadcast studios. You get an ATEM Advanced Chroma Key, Fairlight audio mixer, DVE, still store for graphics and much more! Simply run the free ATEM Software Control app on Macor Windowswhile connected via USB or Ethernet to accessthe extendedfeatures of the ATEMMini. With alittle experimentation you can learn how to produce broadcast quality live production. Only ATEMMini is a true broadcast switcher hidden in atiny and affordable design!

True BroadcastStyleMix EffectsSwitching

Although ATEMMini works in "cut bus" mode when first purchased, it can also be changed to "program/preview"style operation,which is the way large broadcasters use live production switchers. Cut bus switching is easy and selecting any input will instantly switch to that source. However if youwant tooperate ATEMMini like atrue professional then you can change the switcher to program/preview using ATEM Software Control. Mix effects operation allows asource to be selectedbut itwon't be put on air until you press the cut or auto buttons.That 2stepprogram/preview process means fewer mistakes. Program/preview operation is best for training students for acareer in broadcast!

Monitor Sourcesand StatuswithATEMMini Pro Multiview!

When doing larger live productions with multiple cameras,its veryuseful to see all your video sources at the same timeon asinglemonitor. The ATEMMini Pro model includes aprofessional multiview that lets you see all 4 video inputs,plus previewand program on asingle HDMI television or monitor! Simply select M/V on the front panel video output control buttons to select multiview! Each camera view includes tally indicators so you know when each source is on-air, and each view also has custom labels and audio meters. You can also see the media player so you know what graphic is selected. Plus multiview even includes status for recording, streaming and the Fairlight audiomixer!

Use Ethernet Control for Wireless Internet Streaming

ATEM Software Control connects to ATEM Mini via USB or Ethernet, however the benefit of Ethernet is you can use it to share your computer's internet connection for streaming on the ATEM Mini Pro model! Simply connect ATEM Mini Pro via Ethernet and set your computer to share its internet. Using Ethernet is easy, and when launching the software, just select the ATEM Mini model. If you are streaming on ATEM Mini Pro, also set your computer to share its internet. Now you get both control and streaming via the single Ethernet cable. This provides amazing mobility as you can connect your computer to the internet using wireless connections such as WiFi or even 4G and 5G tetheredphones!

Control andColor Balance Cameras!

For a more broadcast style workflow, you can remote control your cameras from ATEMMini! Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and 6K models can work as studio cameraswith controlsent via the HDMI connection to ATEMMini.That means youcan control the camera settings as well as thecameras color corrector from ATEM Software Control. Imaginechanging ISO and tint, plus lens iris, focus and zoom, so camera operators can focus on the shot! There are two types of control interface, CCU layout for traditional tint color control and aDaVinci color corrector interface allowing the cameras built in DaVinci color corrector to add incredible digital film "looks" to your liveproduction!

DevelopCustomRemote ControlSolutions

The Ethernet connection also allows customized control solutions! Even though ATEMMini includes ATEM Software Control, you can use the Ethernet to control the ATEM remotely, anywhere in the world. A popular workflow is to use the Ethernet to allow the ATEMMini to be positioned near the HDMI cameras, but the control is positioned remotely in a quieter space, such as a control room. Imagine using the switcher from a control room and buildinga professionalbroadcasting studio where the control room can be separated away from the performance or interviews. Ethernet allows you to add as many panels as you like all at the same time, or you can build custom solutions using the developer SDK!

Record to an External HyperDeck Recorder!

The HDMI program output is perfect for connecting ATEM Mini to an external recorder or monitor! ATEM Mini supports recorders such as Blackmagic Video Assist. Youget ahigh quality output with switcher program video, plus live audio from the internal audio mixer. TheHDMI output can even be connected to video projectors in large venues. Ifyou connect ATEM Software Control you can even ISO record from one of the inputs. Plus on the more advanced ATEM Mini Pro model you can generate multiple formats by recording from the HDMI program output in ProRes while simultaneously recording the H.264 video stream to aUSB flashdisk!

Switch Faster with anATEM 1M/E AdvancedPanel

With Ethernet built in, ATEM Mini can use hardware control panels for high end workflows that take advantage of the hidden broadcast features in the switcher! TheATEM 1M/E Advanced Panel features the fast program/preview style with separate source buttons for both program and preview rows. Getdirect access to all transitions automatically or manually using the tbar. Foraccurate control of the DVE the joystick provides X, Ypositioning with rotation setting DVE size. Youalso get LCD menus to control features that don't have dedicated knobs and buttons. Youcan even program and trigger Macros! Plus you can use ATEM 1M/E Advanced Panel later if you upgrade to abigger ATEMswitcher!

Manufacturer: Blackmagic Design
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Manufacturer Blackmagic Design
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