Epiphan Pearl 2 4K Add-On

Add 4K functionality to your Pearl 2 base with this 4K feature add-on. The 4K feature add-on gives you 4K encoding and streaming capabilities.
Manufacturer: Epiphan
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Manufacturer: Epiphan

Epiphan Pearl 2 4K Add-On

4K Feature Add-on (software)

Note – This is a feature add-on, the price is for the add-on software only and does not include the hardware.

Add 4K functionality to your Pearl 2 with the 4K feature add-on.

  • Get more from Pearl-2 with the 4K feature add-on
  • Adds 4K encoding and streaming
  • Enables hardware downscaling for 4K to HD
  • Enables 4K HDMI output

Pearl 2 is sold as a base model and uses add-ons to activate extra features. This Pearl-2 4K feature add-on gives you 4K encoding and streaming capabilities. In addition to all the Pearl-2 base functionality, with this add-on you can encode 4K content, stream a 4K program comprised of up to 2 4K inputs and 2 HD or IP camera inputs, use 4K output ports and optionally downscale 4K UHD to 1080p.

Add-on details:

Pearl2 Base6 × HD –2 × HDMI –
Pearl2 with 4K feature4 × 4K + 2 × HD✓2 × HDMI 4K4K to 1080p

Pearl-2 feature add-ons can be purchased any time: either when you buy Pearl-2, or later. Once you purchase your add-on, Pearl-2 uses a one-time web activation to give you the new add-on functionality.

Note that for Pearl-2 Rackmount Twin,  two 4K add-on licenses need to be purchased, one for each system in the unit. You install them separately.

Manufacturer: Epiphan
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