Gravue MIO HDMI-CEXT HDMI single coaxial cable extender, support...

HDMI/DVI single coax cable extender,support 525i、625i、720P、1080I、1080P.
Manufacturer: GraVue
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Manufacturer: GraVue

Gravue MIO HDMI-CEXT HDMI single coaxial cable extender, support 720P,1080I, 1080P. - MIO HDMI-CEXT

The MIO-HDMI-CEXT is a high quality miniature HDMI cable extender. The MIO-HDMI-CEXT transfers HDMI Video & Audio signals over a coaxial cable up to 100m. It's made up of a MIO-HDMI-CEXT-T transmitter and a MIO-HDMI-CEXT-R receiver. The MIO-HDMI-CEXT coax cable extender provides automatic input scan rate detection and supports a wide variety of input formats (576i, 625i, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p). The MIO HDMI-T is fully compatible with the latest HDMI v1.3 standards.
Manufacturer: GraVue
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