Atomos Sun Dragon

Atomos Sun Dragon
Manufacturer: Atomos
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Manufacturer: Atomos

Atomos Sun Dragon

Enter the Sun Dragon
The world’s first sun spectrum, HDR, waterproof, wireless DMX, 2000 lumen 5-color LED, mount-anywhere, lightweight flexible production and cinema strip light

5-colour LED for more faithful reproduction of natural light
Sun Dragon’s affordability and flexibility doesn’t come at the cost of performance. The strip light is made from densely packed LEDs for an even light without any need for diffusion. It’s punchy, powerful and has an output close to the full sun spectrum. That means you can rely on Sun Dragon to give you authentic HDR colors and brightness. The advanced RGBAW design of 5 different colored diodes – red, green, blue, amber, and white – combined with Atomos’ precision electronic control allows for nearly any hue on the color wheel to be mixed during operation. A CRI of 99 (Color Rendering Index) and TCLI of 98 (Television Lighting Consistency Index) ensure faithful entire light sun spectrum reproduction. This accuracy means that no correction is needed in post-production, saving you time and money.

Waterproof to 1m, rain and dustproof in all weather
To ensure that there’s no limit to this new-found versatility, Sun Dragon is fully water-resistant and waterproof to a depth of one meter. That means rain, spray and accidental spillage pose no threat to this all-weather light. Whether you’re at the beach or shooting in the desert, Sun Dragon will never let you down.

Wireless & cabled connectivity with DMX control devices
Power is nothing without precise control, so Sun Dragon comes with an active controller with a large display, and wireless/wired DMX remote control. Basic setup for Brightness, Color, Hue, and RGB channels, as well and group and gang controls, are available via Atomos AirGlu devices. Sun Dragon is also Bluetooth compatible for DMX control from iPad and iPhone apps and can be battery or AC powered.

Lightweight and flexible. Deploy anywhere.
With Sun Dragon, filmmakers can adapt their lighting to any set. Instead of a fixed form, it is a flexible strip of 5-color LED lights. It’s easy to bend Sun Dragon into any shape, carefully controlling reflections and shadows with a precision that’s simply not possible with traditional fixed-shape lighting. If you want a round source, simply coil the Sun Dragon in a spiral inside the case supplied, and it transforms into a panel light source. It’s also incredibly lightweight, weighing in at just 1kg.

Super bright, super affordable
Sun Dragon’s unique, high density LED arrangement produces an outstanding brightness profile in an incredibly small form factor. With a diameter of just 3cm, Sun Dragon emits an unbelievable 2000 lumens of illumination, end to end. The super-flexible 30cm radii bend of Sun Dragon means the intricate shaping of light is now in the hands of the creative. This is all achieved with just 80W of power, provided by battery or AC mains. Sun Dragon is a true revolution in lighting. It’s an easy to use, HDR creative lighting solution that doesn’t break the bank.


LED Arrangement
5-color LED (RGBAW)
Color Accuracy Standard
CRI 99
SSI up to 91% – 2800-6500: 88-91%
Color and brightness accurate over 5m/16ft end to end
Hi Density LEDs
No microshadows
Reduces need for diffuser and maximises brightness output
80W for 5 metre / 16 feet
DMX, Art-Net 4 & sACN + powerCON
Remote Control
Wireless DMX/BT/Wi-Fi/Ethernet & Atomos AirGlu RF
Wired Atomos controller included
Ninja & Shogun series with AirGlu
iOS/Android DMX Apps
Multi-Light Support
DMX Control Panel Support

5m x 3cm diamter – 16ft x 1.1-inch diameter
1kg/2.2lbs for 5m strip
Entire strip can bend to a radius of ~30cm/1ft
Water & Dustproof
IP68 to 1m water submersed
Carry case included with magnetic diffuser
Power supply

What's In The Box:

  • Carry case included with magnetic diffuser
  • Power supply
  • Controller

Manufacturer: Atomos
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