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Wireless microphone adapter for SHURE wireless microphone heads

SKU# 3009Z00140

You Pay: $99.99

Microphone head with D5 acoustic

SKU# 3082X00010

You Pay: $119.99

Microphone head with C5 acoustic

SKU# 3082X00020

You Pay: $199.99

Microphone head with D7 acoustic

SKU# 3082X00030

You Pay: $199.99

Charging unit, technically identical to CU700, but includes 2 plastic caps for...

SKU# 3158H00050

You Pay: $449.99

Wireless receiver

SKU# 3380H00100

You Pay: $1,199.99

Handheld transmitter

SKU# 3381H00100

You Pay: $274.99

Body pack transmitter

SKU# 3382H00100

You Pay: $329.99

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